Stream Rehabilitation, Brienza property 19 June 2004. Volunteers from Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Association, Nottawasaga Steelheaders Association and other individuals were present to assist with final stages of the stream rehabilitation project. Twenty-five volunteers in total participated in the day's event. Also present were Roger Caron and his son Martin who where there with the first generation of soil spike.

Approximately 30 soil spikes were used that day to anchor tree revetments. This was the first time for any of the volunteers present to have used this type of technology. Those who were familiar with T-Bar installations were quite please with the alternative - the soil spike.

A second generation of soil spike has been created as a result of trials on 19 Jun 2004. The new spike has a barb, which is inserted into the soil and then rotated for locking purposes. The advantage of the barb is a one time setting effort and phenomenal holding strength.

  Site evaluation and preparation being conducted by Fred Dobbs NVCA.     Stream channel depth being increased by volunteers.  
Charlie harvesting selected material on site. Volunteers from Steelheaders Assoc, bringing harvested material to stream bank.
Volunteers hauling harvested materials along stream bank for placement.
Harvested material being positioned for final placement on stream bank and anchored using the soil spike. To view more about the soil spike go to products page.