Simcoe Environmental Technology (SET) is a Canadian small business with technical expertise in environmental and manufacturing fields. Our goal is to produce and sell products that meet the needs of fellow Canadians and those abroad. We would also like to bring attention to products that are environmentally friendly and exceptional. For example the WaterGate water barrier by MegaSecur and Better Bilt Earth Anchor manufactured by Better Bilt Products is such a product and available through SET in Canada.

Our Products page lists such items as the Water Gate water barrier, Earth Anchor and the Jerry Cantainer (secondary containment for the Scepter - Canadian Forces military jerry can and the US Armed Services military fuel can [MFC]).

Endorsements are for accolades and awards provided by users of our products. We humbly thank those who have provided us these.

The Projects section of the site provides lessons learned while developing a product or methods by which products have been used by others. Special thanks to the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority and the Nottawasaga Valley Steelheaders Association for their assistance in developing the soil spike - the predecessor to the Better Bilt Earth Anchor.

In our Links page, you'll find manufacturers and retailers of fine products, organizations who we have worked with and general interest items.

Future goals of Simcoe Environmental Technology will be concentrating on energy efficiency and waste reduction, a corner stone to a greener earth. Together we can work together for a sustainable community and environment.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our products or if you have suggestions / comments use the Contacts page.

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