Jerry Cantainer
  • Material: High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
  • Gas, Oil, Fuel & Weather Resistant
  • Unit Weight: Empty, 25 lbs. ; Filled, 175 lbs.
  • Holds cans secure with lid open
  • Locks cans in position with lid closed
  • Units are stackable to 2 tiers (interlocking base to lid)
  • Fully vented lid to base prevents fume build-up
  • Keeps out rain
  • Carrying handles on ends for two personnel
  • Size: 41"long x 24"wide x 21"high
  • Meets USDOT Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #302 (FMVSS302 for flammable standards)
  • Provides %110 containment per CFR 264.175
  • Be prepared for CAS audits
  • Ideal for deployments and field applications
  • Call for latest prices
  • Commercial pricing available upon request
  • Colours - Tan and Green

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Jerry Cantainer





Technical Points:

Three Ring Hinge Concept: Stainless Steel Rings

This "cantainer uses no mechanical hinge". A mechanical hinge could potentially be bent and cause the unit to be deformed. The design of this hinge system allows for punishing use in the field. The components are easy to replace, they will not rust and they will allow the lid to close above the base if a 20 litre jerry can is placed on debris in the bottom of the container or if the can is a different design and it is higher than the standard cans.

Field Use Repair

If the unit is damaged in the field and a ring should fall out, a string or wire could be run through the holes for a temporary fix. This will act like the ring until you can get to where it will be repaired. Extra rings are available in the repair kit.

Rubber Latch

This design also uses no mechanical or moving parts that could bind or fail in the field. The latch is easy to replace if damaged and is available in a repair kit.

High Density Polyethylene Plastic Material

This plastic is strong, durable, light weight, weather resistant and the colour will not overheat the contents. This unit will not crack or break when put under stress and has a form memory and it will go back to its original shape if bent or dented.

Typical Application

The Jerry Cantainer is intended as a temporary storage system and not as a replacement for ULC rated permanent POL secondary containment facilities. Use the Jerry Cantainer while transporting or for temporary storage of POL products. While in garrison, store the Jerry Cantainer and its contents within an approved ULC storage facility.

Other Uses

Sensitive equipment transportation is usually a problem and requires extensive packaging. For field equipment use the sturdy Jerry Cantainer for these applications and add bubble wrapping amongst the pieces of equipment as an added protection. Caution - ensure the Jerry Cantainer has not been contaminated by any liquids, prior to using it for this application.

Stacking and Palletizing

The Jerry Cantainer has a recommended stacking height of two units. This prevents unstable conditions when palletizing. To palletize the Jerry Cantainer do so on standard warehouse pallets (48" x 42") for a total of four Jerry Cantainers (16 x 20-L jerry cans). Use a single tie down strap around all four Jerry Cantainers to secure it to pallet.


The lower body of the Jerry Cantainer is indented with ventilation grooves allowing for passive ventilation.